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Roadstead? Roadstead Mom?

Roadstead: (noun) A place less enclosed than a harbor where ships can ride at anchor. A place of shelter during stormy weather.

RoadsteadMom: (noun) A roadschooling, homesteading mother of four who is creating space for her crew to find shelter without sheltering them, and mothering on the road less traveled.

I’m Stephanie, a small town girl who found herself living in suburbia for nearly a decade, simply because “that’s what you do” as a newlywed 20-something starting a family.
While there’s nothing wrong with that, in and of itself, my husband and I dreamed of something different.

After years of planning our escape from the American Dream, now we, along with our four young children, are living the life that we’ve always dreamed for our family.

Our family of six is slow traveling in our RV across the USA, seeking the beauty and wonder that each community that we encounter has to offer. We choose to live simply, lightly, and joyfully; and we’re learning a lot as we homeschool–or rather, roadschool–along the way.

Won’t you join me on this journey of motherhood on the road less traveled?